Frequently Asked Questions

What dance styles are on offer?Salsa Cross Body

We are always trying something new! Click here to find out more

How much does it cost?

Classes cost £9 on the door, Social dancing £4 from 9:30pm

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, it is not important to have a partner. In the lessons we change partners every few minutes. This is because it’s important to experience different partners’ dance interpretations, and it makes for a more social evening!

When can I start?

Now! Any level of our classes can be joined at any time, and we welcome newcomers to all classes, especially Absolute Beginners!

Am I told old, or young for this?

Age is not important, just the ability and motivation to learn and have fun.

Do I need dancing shoes?

For men, just wear smooth-soled leather shoes. For ladies, make sure the heel is not too high, and the ankle is enclosed for support Trainers aren’t recommended in the long term, as they tend to restrict your feet from sliding along the floor

What clothes should I wear?

Smart-casual (No ties, for example!) Remember that Salsa is a good form of exercise so don’t overdress or you will overheat. If your clothes are too baggy or free-flowing this could cause you to get tangled up with your partner. Jewellery can scratch and get caught on your partner’s hair and clothes too.

What should I bring?

A smile! You don’t really need to bring anything. The venue has a bar for drinks, which we encourage people to support. Mints or chewing gum are something that many people bring, and for the enthusiastic dancer a small towel is a must!

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